Hey, I'm David.

I'm an Indianapolis-based software development manager doing my part in helping keep the Internet beautiful

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Meet David

I'm just a local web geek who's passionate about pixel-perfect designs, cutting-edge trends, and thinking about the road ahead. I strive for excellence in every project I complete.


  Web Development

Javascript. React. Node. These are just a few of the languages I use to build highly-customized, advanced applications for the modern web.

  Disaster Recovery

We live in a connected world where no one is safe. I can help recover information and get your application back online from hacks and provide guidance on further locking down your application.

  Version Control

All of my code is kept in the cloud. This means easy backups and restore points in the event of an outage. All code is logged, each change is carefully documented, providing an extensive outline of your website.

  Custom Development

Software dashboards, big data management, customer insights. I've worked with global companies providing these services and can share this experience for your next project.

David Auble, Manager

It’s been no secret that I’ve been working towards finishing my MBA in Finance. I am on track to graduate this coming December and am excited to have not only completed the two-year program, but also for what lies ahead. I’ve been striving to enter into management for several years...

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