Getting Jekyll Running on Windows 10 x64

I use a Mac and a PC equally and want to be able to work on projects regardless of development environment. As mentioned previously, I’ve converted my site over to Jekyll. It works well on both systems, but when I went to install it on my PC, I ran into the following issue:

Unable to load the EventMachine C extension; To use the pure-ruby reactor, require ‘em/pure_ruby’

Puzzled, I scoured Google and StackOverflow and came up empty. I thought this post on StackOverflow would help get me there, but I ended up back at the same spot.

After a while, I finally started looking into different flags I could use to run with these commands. I finally figured out a solution - force the uninstall of eventmachine and reinstall it using the Ruby platform. Voila! All set!

Here’s the final steps I used to fix this problem:

gem uninstall eventmachine –force
gem install eventmachine –platform ruby

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